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Technically, strategy refers to a player's overall plan of action for improving their position and winning the game, whereas tactics refers to specific steps and actions taken in support of that plan. Thus, strategy usually considers the global position, whereas tactics are often (but not always) restricted to a local area of the board.

An example of strategy is "make sure to occupy at least two corners, then allow your opponent to connect to one side while blocking the other". An example of tactics is "connect this third row ladder by playing the a3 switchback".

However, on this page and on most of this wiki, the term "strategy" is more loosely used to encompass any topic related to how to play Hex well, including tactics. Thus, the various "strategy guides" cover both tactics and strategy.


The opening

  • How to start 13x13 (adapted from Jonatan Rydh's page on openings)
  • Joseki shows the typical way to play the corner areas.

Additional topics