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Proverbs about strategy

In Go, there are many proverbs about strategy. Since the strategic concepts are very related, one might check whether the proverbs also apply to Hex.

  • Offense equals defense. This is due to the no-draw property.
  • Consider playing in the wrong direction. Ropes make the board much easier to cross.
  • Your position is only as good as your weakest link.
  • Do not play an isolated piece with three or fewer liberties.
  • Your opponent's key point is also yours. It is often a good idea to play where your opponent wants to play.
  • Play at the point of symmetry. Try to balance strength on both sides.
  • When in doubt, play elsewhere. You don't need to respond to your opponent's last move locally. There's often a better move elsewhere on the board.
  • Don't defend the indefensible. If you try to keep your opponent from connecting and fail, your opponent usually gains strength. It is often better to let the opponent connect and get something in exchange.


  • According to Edward Lasker, a chess player:
Chess is a game restricted to this world, Go has something extraterrestrial. If ever we find an extraterrestrial civilization that plays a game that we also play, it will be Go, without any doubt.
Hex has a Platonic existence, independent of human thought. If ever we find an extraterrestrial civilization at all, they will know Hex, without any doubt. (Source: Set Colouring Games, 2006, Page 163.)

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