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  • The red marked hexes should not be swapped.
  • The blue marked hexes should be swapped.

Regular Y / Size 2

Regular Y / Size 3

Regular Y / Size 4

Regular Y / Size 5

Regular Y / Size 6

Regular Y / Size 7

Regular Y / Size 8

Regular Y / Size 9

Regular Y / Size 10

Regular Y / Bent-27

Y27 bent.gif

This board (on which the pieces are placed on the intersections) should be within reach for computers, but no results are known so far.

Master Y

In Master Y, the first player places one piece on the board, and each subsequent move consists of placing two pieces on the board.

  • the red marked hexes are losing first moves
  • the blue marked hexes are winning first moves

Master Y / Size 2

Master Y / Size 3

Master Y / Size 4

Master Y / Size 5

Master Y / Size 6

Master Y / Bent-27

Y27 bent.gif

Again, status unknown but presumably within reach for computers.

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