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This article deals with a special case in defending against intrusions in template VI1, namely the intrusion on the 3rd that is not eliminated by sub-templates threats. NOTE THAT THIS PAGE IS NOT CORRECT; THE SUGGESTED MOVE FOR RED IS A LOSING MOVE AND BLUE CAN RESPOND BY PLAYING ON THE SECOND ROW DIRECTLY UNDER THE TWO STONES; THIS BREAKS THE CONNECTION.

Basic situation

Red should go here:


The Red 1 hex is connected to the bottom, and threatens to connect to the top through either one of the "+" hexes. Thus these are the only important incursions. An incursion to the right of the number 1 hex is important only in connection with the two indicated here. We consider each of the two incursions below.

Third-row followup: i4


Figuring out the Must-play region

Red threatens to play at "+" points above, with these templates:

Edge template IV1a

We need only consider the intersection of these templates.

Incursion at j5


Incursion at j6


Incursion at h7


Third-row followup: j3 (stub)