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A ladder escape template is a pattern which can be used as a ladder escape, that is a way of connecting a ladder to an edge. For example a stone on a second row will escape a second row ladder. Let's see this in action.


When red's ladder reaches the second row stone on the right, red will be able to connect to the bottom edge, as follows:


Edge templates can often be used as ladder escape templates and most of the examples below will look familiar to people who know their edge templates.

There is a technical page on proving that a pattern is a ladder escape; this is not necessary for beginners, who just need to recognise basic ladder escapes and how to use them.

Below, * stands for template carrier, + stands for projected ladder path.

Row-2 ladders

All of the common edge templates are valid. For instance:

Template II

Template IVa

Row-3 ladders

Templates II, IIIa, and IVa are valid.

Row-4 ladders

Template IIIa

Template IIIa is valid.

Template IVa

Also template IVa is valid if you can double bridge to the escape piece as follows.

Red can jump ahead to the escape template by playing at the marked cell.

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