Cooper's Hex

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A variant of Hex or of Y, where move order is changed from the ordinary alteration of Black and White (BWBWBWBW...) to a system where each player sometimes gets two moves (BWWBWBBWWBBWBWWBW...), following the Thue-Morse sequence. The sequence is given by the odd-even parity of the sum of the binary digits of the natural numbers:

Natural number Sum of Digits Parity Player
0 0 E B
1 1 O W
10 1 O W
11 2 E B
100 1 O W
101 2 E B
110 2 E B
111 3 O W
1000 1 O W

Early reports indicate that in strategy, the game is somewhat similar to 1-2-2 Hex, where each player has two moves after Black's first move.