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Please note that a wiki page is not a great place to keep an up-to-date list of current events, and the information on this page is likely to be both outdated and incomplete.

For information on current events, the #events channel of the Hex Discord group (which is linked under Hex forums) is a more up-to-date source.

Current events (2023)

Hex Monthly

Hex Monthly is a monthly online real-time 13x13 tournament. It is currently held on the third Saturday of every month on igGameCenter. The first tournament was held on January 21, 2023. See the forum post for details on upcoming tournaments dates and times, how to register, etc.

Past events (2011 and earlier)

Weekly real time Hex tournament on Ludoteka, 2011

This is a free tournament on an 11x11 grid with a one minute time control. See here for details.

Online Hex tournament for Human players at starts Jan 1,2011

Individual games will be played in real time, but matches will be scheduled by opponents at an agreed date and time. More info [1].

First HEXX6 Tournament in Tiel, the Netherlands, on June 6th 2010

Hex, Y, HavannaH, Unlur, Atoll and Pünct More info here.

International Tournament 2009 in Granollers (Spain) 2009

More info here.

Second Spanish Hex 13x13 Online Championship in Little Golem, 2009

The Second Spanish Championship. More info at its blog.

8th Mind Sports Olympiad in Prague, 2008

The event will be held from September 27th to October 5th in Prague. Hex might be played depending on the number of participants:

Spanish Hex 13x13 Online Championship in Little Golem, 2008

The first Spanish Championship started in January 2008, and it was played in Little Golem in a Round Robin (divided in groups). The winner was José María Grau Ribas, Gregorio Morales finished second while José Ignacio Úbeda ended third. More info at its blog.

International Tournament 2006 in Oslo

Took place on August 11th - 13th 2006. Photos and results can be found on littlegolem.

International Tournament 2005 in Wrocław

The first international Hex tournament was held in May 2005 in Wrocław, Poland.

Here is some information:

Online Team Tournament in 2003

Team Tournament 1

See also