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Historial sets

  • Pencil-and-paper Hex pads were published by Piet Hein in Demark in 1943 under the name "Polygon". Each pad contained 50 sheets.
  • In 1968, Piet Hein marketed a Hex set under the name Con-Tac-Tix. It was a wooden board made from teak, using pegs that fit into holes as the pieces. The board size was 12x12. It was manufactured in Denmark by Skjøde of Skjern on behalf of Parker Brothers. The set came with a booklet of instructions, which was basically a reprint of Martin Gardner's Scientific American column.

Current sets

Building your own set

Here are some ideas on building a set:

You can also print out the Printable_boards, in sizes up to 14x14.