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Hex can be played online either using a web-based format or via e-mail.

Web-based games

Web-based games can be played either in real-time, where moves are made within minutes (or even seconds), or turn-based, where a player has days for one move.

Realtime playing sites

The most popular sites (approximatively ordered by the number of hex games played on them daily) are:

Turn-based playing sites

Services for game analysis

There are some services in the net, which help one play out different variations, analyze the games and share game records.

  • TRMPH has 3 board sizes: 11, 13 and 19.
  • Hex master is a service for analyzing and commenting games from Little golem.
  • Hex editor (dead link) by Gwylim Ashley. Still in development. Support any size of the board, and creates different lines of variations, labeled with numbers.

All 3 websites can import games from Little golem.