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The best ways for getting better at Hex are to learn strategies, solve problems and to replay games of stronger players. The following collection of games are intended to help you get stronger.

Game Date Commented by Intended audience
Vertical vs. Horizontal ca. 1994 David Boll ---
Glenn C. Rhoads vs. unknown ca. 2001 Glenn C. Rhoads advanced
Bill LeBoeuf vs. Universidad de Oviedo November 2003 Bill LeBoeuf ---
Halladba vs. Niall November 2010 Niall ---
Nietsabes vs. Niall November 2010 Niall ---
James A. Cook vs. Niall December 2010 Niall ---
Niall vs. Daniel Sepczuk December 2011 Niall ---
FIFI25 vs. murasawa October 2021 Demer ---


  • The Game is a link to the commented game.
  • The Commented by field contains the name of the person who did the commentary.
  • The Intended audience can be beginners, advanced, experts, whatever.

Some more commented games are available on and on the forum of