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Re: "(Note: As I am writing this I have only seen the claim of this being a valid template on the little golem thread. I have not checked it yet and also not if it is minimal. However, as this came from a very competent player I have no reson to doubt it.)"

This comment seems to cast some suspicion on whether the template is a template. It only takes benzene (computer program) around 10 seconds to check that this is definitely a template so I just wanted to stress that in my mind there is no doubt at all.


Re: e3 defence (currently not written) -- benzene (who might be playing a bit randomly as white) says that one main line is

e11 f10 f11 g10 g11 d11 c13 h10 h11 i10 i11 d12 d13 e12 e13 f12 f13 g12 g13 h12 h13 m12 j10

[Take away 8 from all the numbers (and leave the letters alone) to see the moves using the convention you're using (I'm on a standard 14x14 board so bottom row is 14 not 6)]

-- wccanard

I brought attention to this template on May 6th in this littlegolem thread, before shalev reminded wccanard of it on May 19th in the thread that's linked in the article. Shalev had apparently known this template before, as have several others, I guess. It's well possible that someone knew about it before I was born. It's ok for me if the article stays as it is, I just have to mention it. I was a little disappointed to see that "a very competent player" didn't refer to me :-) --Wurfmaul (talk) 11:02, 29 May 2016 (UTC)