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Places to play

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  • is a site where you can play pbmserv's games on graphical boards without sending emails. All you need to do is to log in (username and password are the same as on pbmserv).
  • — a Spanish real time server. Offers Hex on 11 × 11 in addition to many other games. Available in Spanish, Basque, English and French. Not many Hex players there.

Hex guides

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  • — Glenn Rhoads' three guides to playing Hex. According to himself, his homepage was due to disappear during the summer of 2004, but it is still there. At the moment of writing the guides the most comprehensive guide to hex on the 'net. They have been transferred here, as the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced pages of the Strategy page, with Mr Rhoads' kind permission.

Puzzle collections

Template collections

Computer programs

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Hex board images

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