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News and history

  • March 2017: Boards are now rendered as SVG images! Thanks to Tom239 for writing the code for this feature.
  • August 2015: HexWiki is back! Please see the article the new HexWiki for information.

Things to be done

  • We need to be able to hide irrelevant cells when displaying templates or patterns
  • We need hex boards to “float” around text to make pages shorter and more readable
  • Make it possible to visualize "live" boards for showing off variations
  • Disable tool tip when mouse is over hex boards
  • Boring but easy: make Printable Y boards more readable, like Printable boards.
  • Enable HTTPS
  • Add forum
  • Add solutions to puzzles
  • Update Computer Hex (it was last updated in 2012)
  • Update Tournaments with information on recent or current tournaments